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IDI Properties Inc. was created because we realized that the amount of time it takes to manage even one property can be more than many mobile home park owners and investors are available to give. And, for many, hiring a resident of the park who has no professional property management experience is often a decision they quickly regret and then have to deal with, uncomfortably and awkwardly because they still live on site.

In fact, there are five major concerns we have identified through years of experience in the mobile home park industry that all investors/owners share, often coupled with tales of struggle and frustration. Any of this sound familiar?

  • Maximizing earnings while minimizing expenses
  • Timely and proper rental collections and payables disbursement
  • Up to date and at-your-fingertips reporting with complete accountability
  • Regular and complete maintenance management
  • Effectively dealing with delinquent tenants and finding good ones instead

Every year that these areas are neglected or mis-managed, for reasons of lack of time to having the wrong person doing the job, your property becomes more of a headache and a money pit instead of the original intent of having an income generating profit center. And the property reputation goes down with it as word gets around to would-be tenants that they should not live there because of the management. In the worst case, a resident goes to a news outlet to complain, and that is happening at a rapidly increasing rate today with media at our fingertips and reporters hungry for hot topics to capture attention, and they particularly love issues surrounding mobile home parks as every owner and investor knows! Not only will you lose money, but this type of management nightmare will suck the life and time out of all your other endeavors, from working on new investment acquisitions to trying to finally retire with peace of mind that the property is still working for YOU.

That's where we, IDI Properties, come up with your property management solution. Contact me and I can go over your particular property and areas where we can bring significant improvement, cost savings, and a plan for the future.

Our experience-driven management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability, and quality service that guarantees the maximum return from your investment, while maintaining your property at the highest standards to attract the best and most reliable tenants possible. Based on our experience, techniques, and resources, we can even increase the value of your property. And once your property has reached the value you desire, we will have all the due diligence organized and ready to go in the way that today's new investors and lenders want and need to see it, for when you are ready to sell, and we can also represent you at that time should that occasion arise.

We specifically service mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities located within 250 miles or 3 hours of Charlotte, NC in any direction.


For inquiries, please fill out the form or contact me directly.

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